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Alice Academy's Journal
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Monday, November 24th, 2008
3:27 pm
Thursday, November 20th, 2008
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Sunday, November 16th, 2008
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Saturday, August 25th, 2007
2:23 pm
Alice Academy Info Part 1
Alice Academy is this anime series/manga (comedy-60% Romance -30% Action-10%) made by  Tachibana Higuchi (thanks for making this ^.^)  which starts with two main characters, Sakura Mikan and Hotaru Imai. They both live in the country side in China (nearby Tokyo).

Mikan is the brown haired, pig tail wearing protagonist in the story. She's 10 years old and she's energetic and friendly, but very clumsy. And because of that, she usually gets in trouble. She also tries to defend herself when the people blame her. In second grade, he was one of the happy and annoying little girls in school. She made friends there and was accepted by her classmates since they had no differences. After a few months, a new girl transferred to her school: Hotaru. she was one of the most intelligent pupils is the class but wasnt very lucky in making friends. One day, when mikan was about to go home, Hotaru came to her and invited her to join  her in some kind of dance/singing contest where they, you guessed it, won. That was where Mikan started to show feelings for Hotaru. they felt like sisters and even slept together. 

But one day, there was a news that the school was gonna be demolished. Mikan protested and told everyone about her memories in the school. While protesting, she noticed that Hotaru was going somewhere. She then recieved this *turtle mail* which was from hotaru. It said that Hotaru was going to some far-away school in Tokyo where young 'geniouses' like Hotaru went to study. she had to accept their faith at that moment since Hotaru did promise to send a letter. She waited and waited. After 9 months, a letter finally came. But all it contined was a picture of the veiw outisde Hotaru's window and about how hot is was in the summer which realy disappointed Mikan. 

Mikan really missed Hotaru at that. when she heard rumours that the academy was a prison when children were being sold, she decided to go to toyko and see Hotaru once more. Luckily, she was temporarily accepted by a teacher there: Narumi-Sensei. There, she got a really cute uniform to wear, saw Hotaru again and met some other friends like Yuu Tobita (Iinchou) who has an Alice of Illusion. Hotaru had the Technology Alice which explains the unussual but helpful stuff that she mad when she was younger with Mikan. She had to become accepted by her classmates by doing a dangerous challege: to cross the Northern Woods where Mr. Bear and the Giant Piyo (a mutated chick) live. With the help of her friends Hotaru and Yuu they succeed, well almost. When they meet the giant piyo, they find out that they're all gonna be dead meat if they dont get help. so Iinchou makes an illusion that calls Ruka Nogi (Animal Pheromone Alice, cute golden hair boy who doesnt smile much and Best friend of Natsume) to help animals in danger. But that was only a trick to make Ruka come to them. When they all agreed, Ruka told them not to look and he played and danced with the giant piyo. Of course, with the curiousity of Iinchou and mikan and the camera and blackmailing hobby of Hotaru, they al looked and Hotaru even took some pictures. But Natsume Hyuuga heard a different kind of news, that ruka was tricked by Mikan. so, since ruka is his best friend, he comes to Mikan and tries to harm Hotaru and Iinchou with his fire alice with Mikan doesnt tell him her alice.  But since she doesnt know, she didnt tell him anything.The teachers found out on whats going on and hurriedly went to the Northern woods to stop Natsume. Narumi comes but he was too late, Natsume was so frustrated that he unleased this really strong fire power on Mikan but in the end, it doesnt hurt mikan at all. And thats when Narumi found out that Mikan had the Nullifying alice (nullify the other people's alice). And so she was a permanent student of the school.

Keep waiting for about a week and i'll tell you the next things to happen! ; )
* a mail sending object that sends letters within a week. Invention #1 of Hotaru.

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